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9ct & 18ct White Gold Rings

Tarvier presents a collection of 9ct white gold and 18ct white gold wedding rings.
Our range of white gold wedding rings are offered in a broad selection of sizes, widths, and weights.

White Gold

White gold is yellow gold blended with other pure alloys to change the colour. If your white gold ring is placed against alternatives like platinum and palladium it will look creamer with a slight warm yellow hue unless plated with rhodium. As platinum and palladium are more naturally white alternatives, we offer the white gold rings only natural finished without the plating option. It is important to note that rhodium plate wears and your ring will require re-plating at a future date.

9ct versus 18ct Gold

Twice as much gold exists in an 18ct white gold than in 9ct white gold. 18ct white gold has a purity measure of 75% whilst 9ct white gold has a purity measure of 37.5%. The 18ct white gold ring will be darker with a hint of grey in colour whilst the 9ct white gold ring will be creamy white with a yellow hue. In addition, the 18ct gold ring will be more resilient to oxidisation, surface marking and harder than a 9ct gold ring. It is important to note that engraving and surface detailing is better fashioned using 9ct gold.

British Hallmarks

All our white 9ct and 18ct gold wedding rings are assayed by either London or Birmingham assay offices with a set of UK hallmarks.


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