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500 & 950 Palladium Rings

Tarvier collection of palladium 500 and palladium 950 wedding rings.
Our range of palladium wedding rings are offered in a broad selection of sizes, widths, and weights.


Palladium rings are very desirable, a rare and precious metal fifteen times rarer than platinum. Silvery white in colour, extremely hard and durable, highly resistant to corrosion and scratching that retains its colour for life.
Our range of palladium 500 and 950 wedding rings are offered in a selection of sizes, widths, and ring profiles: court, d–shape, flat and easy fit.
Palladium is a relatively new precious metal; assay office marks were only introduced in 2009 with an updated mark in 2010.
Palladium is hypo–allergenic, suitable choice for those with skin sensitivity concerns.

500 versus 950 Palladium

Palladium 950 relates to 95% Palladium and 5% other metal alloys such as ruthenium and gallium.
Palladium 500 relates to a blend of 50% palladium and 50% of other alloys such as silver.
The choice is essentially a cost differential with the slimmest variation in colour. Palladium 950 has nearly double the content of palladium with the cost of the ring being nearly twice the price.
If the budget allows, always choose the purer alloy, eihter/or will be a rare and treasured possession.

British Hallmarks

All our palladium 500 and palladium 950 wedding rings are assayed by either London or Birmingham assay offices with a set of UK hallmarks.


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