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Ewers, Claret Jugs and Goblets
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The Ewer was an earlier name for both jug and pitcher, Anglo-Norman or Old French eawer. Archaeology over the centuries has uncovered some of the earliest examples, Egyptian specimens dating back 3,500 BCE. The ewer is bulbous in form to the lower level with a tall slender neck and carrying handle to hold water or wine. The 18th century saw silversmiths creating elaborately decorated ewers with chased or engraved detail, this would illustrate the flair and skill of the silversmith and engravers of the time. The goblet and chalice are footed drinking vessels with very slight visual differences. The chalice may have a larger drinking cup with decoration associated with religion. The chalice by name is primally used for drinking during religious ceremonies, blessed before use, one of the most revered vessels within the Christian worship.


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