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Dimensional Guide to wedding rings

Our three charts give you a comprehensive guide to the average thickness in relation to gauge, style and size of Tarvier's wedding ring collection.
Please note these charts show you the average thickness of wedding rings applying gauge, style and size. please contact us if you require the exact details regarding your possible choice of wedding ring.

Tarvier graph showing ring thickness by gauge

Ring Gauge

We offer three gauges of wedding ring, light, medium and heavy. The ring gauge chart shows you the average thickness of ring when choosing each of the three gauge variations. Please note not all these three options are available in every ring style and size.

Tarvier graph showing ring thickness by size

Ring Style

Tarvier presents five wedding ring styles, halo, court, easy fit, d-shape and flat. Each of these five ring styles has a unique profile, thus each ring profile has different thicknesses. The graph shows you by profile name, the average ring thickness by ring style.

Tarvier graph showing ring thickness by size

Ring Size

Along the base line of the graph are listed ring sizes I to Z. The graph shows you the average thickness of ring across all five ring styles that we offer.

Ring width, thickness and size diamgram

Ring Width, thickness and Size

The ring diagram shows you the dimensional variants of a ring, width, thickness and size. These three factors along with the five different ring styles dictate the amount of precious metal used to create a ring. For example, a ring size P and 4mm wide will use varying amounts of precious metal in each of the five individual ring styles to produce the same size ring.


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