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Choosing The Right Ring

Tarvier offers a comprehensive collection of gemstone rings and plain bands. We methodically present accurate information to assist you in your purchase so you can trust your selection is right for you.

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Here at Tarvier we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. If you are in our local area we would be pleased to visit you and assist in choosing your ideal ring. Please contact us regarding this service to book an appointment, this service is free of charge.

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Ring size circumference and diameter

Ring Size

Ring width

Ring Width

Ring thickness

Ring Thickness

Ring Size

Tarvier wants to ensure your wedding ring fits perfectly. If your ring size is not known, we will send you a free ring sizer so you can determine your size.

Order your free ring sizer by clicking the icon on the relevant ring page below the ring price “I don't know my size” and fill in your details on screen. We will dispatch your ring sizer the next day. Remove

If you are still slightly unsure contact us by phone or email and we will send you a free metal ring replicating your selected ring size to ensure the ideal fit. Metal sample rings will be dispatched with a postage paid returns envelope (metal ring samples must be returned).

  1. Hints and tips to assist in ring sizing

  2. 1. Firstly, make sure you measure your figure on the hand which you wish the ring to fit!
  3. 2. Make sure you are at normal body temperature; hot and cold temperatures can cause fingers to slightly increase or decrease in diameter.
  4. 3. Measure your finger at varying times of the day, morning, afternoon, and evening, take the average size. Generally, the evening period when at rest will give you your correct ring size.
  5. 4. Your ring needs to slide snugly over the knuckle, when past this point, the ring should feel comfortable but not too loose allowing lots of movement.
  6. 5. If choosing a wide ring such as a 6mm, 8mm or 10mm the ring needs to travel further up the finger, locate the ring measure on the finger to accommodate a wider ring position.
  7. 6. If in doubt of your ring size, please contact us and we will help.

Ring Thickness

Ring thickness is the height of the ring when viewed from the side. Thickness of ring is categorized as light, medium or heavy.

Precious metal rings if correctly made are case hardened and durable, increases in thickness (weight) adds further strength. The main negative to a lightweight ring is the small chance of misshaping. This problem however can easily be fixed at a small cost and should not cause concern when choosing the lightweight category.
A good option on a lightweight ring is the court or easy fit profiles, these are strong and durable forms. Remember the gain in thickness will increase the price of the ring due to the extra precious metal needed. If you are wearing two rings on the same finger, aim to have them of similar thickness, this will help avoid one ring standing up over the other, especially on a d-shape profile as it has a low side edge.

Please find below the average ring thickness for each gauge description:

  1. Light Weight = 1.30mm
  2. Medium Weight = 1.50mm
  3. Heavy Weight = 1.80mm
Table of wedding ring sizes, widths and weights

Ring Width

Ring width is more about visual impact. Tarvier have provided one or two small considerations to help you decide.

Ladies often purchase the smaller widths of 2mm, 3mm or 4mm; these lower ring widths are gracious on the hand with a petite look. If your ring adjoins an engagement ring smaller widths are advised, the diamond takes the stage. Gentlemen take the upper bound of widths from 4mm upwards. Larger hands suite a wider, more visible wedding ring such as an 8mm or 10mm width.

Fashion lately has changed with wider rings being purchased by ladies, the ring width is a visual preference. Choice is what we endeavour to present.


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