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Decanter Wine Labels in Sterling Silver

The silver decanter label (name tag) was created to declare the contents within decanters. The decanter label was also known as the "bottle ticket" during the 18th Century. Glass decanters were used to decant wine from the bottle by pouring its contents into the decanter to allow sediment to settle, the wine to clear and breathe. Initially coloured glass gave way to clear glass to allow the wine to be seen. The similar colours of decanted sweet wines such as claret, port, madeira, white wine, hermitage and others only enforced the popularity of the silver decanter label to enable identification. Silversmiths created wine tags depicting the wine names encapsulated with floral, fruiting vines and cherubs using chased and engraved techniques. Early wine labels date back to the 1730's with rococo influences, festoons, cherubs, scrolls and puttos. The neo-classical period (1770) saw the introduction of ornate forms. Regency saw extravagant silver tableware between 1800–1830 with silver decanter labels often cast with fine detailing.


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