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Sell Your Antique Silver

At Tarvier we are always interested in the purchasing of sterling silver antiques and precious metal jewellery such as gold, platinum and palladium. Tarvier purchases items of any age or condition for resale on our website or for melting down to aid our manufacturing.

We appraise all items with no obligation.

Sell Your Gold Jewellery

We appraise all items in house and contact you via email or phone with a final valuation. Once our valuation is given and accepted by yourself, we require the article to be sent to us for final inspection and approval. Funds will be released immediately via bank transfer or PayPal account. If upon receipt by Tarvier the item is not as expected, a lower estimate may be offered, or the item returned to yourself without payment. For any item to be considered it will require a recognised assay mark.

Sell Your Precious Metals

Our process requires you to fill out the enquiry form with a brief description and condition along with your contact details. Please if possible, upload several images of your item in question.

We aim to get back to you with an offer within 1 working day.

Below we have listed a brief inventory of items we purchase, please do not hesitate in contacting us about what you would like to sell.

Antique Sterling Silver

  • Antique Sterling Silver
  • Silver Flatware and Cutlery
  • Silver Holloware

Precious Metal Jewellery

  • Platinum Jewellery
  • Palladium Jewellery
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Rings, Bracelets and Pendants
  • Wedding Rings

Our customer service is available
Monday – Saturday 9.00am – 6.00pm

     (+44) 07375 879850
  (UK) 01335 350707

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