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Yellow Gold Wedding Rings – 9ct and 18ct

Tarvier presents a collection of wedding rings in 9ct and 18ct yellow gold.
Our range of yellow gold wedding rings are offered in a broad selection of sizes, widths, and weights.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold is the natural choice with a vibrant yellow golden hue. Traditionally and historically, this has been the most popular of all the colours and metals, its bold warm tones exude style with its resurgence in vintage–inspired rings and jewellery, its back in style.

9ct Yellow Gold

9ct yellow gold has a softer shade of yellow than 18ct due to the reduction of gold content. Alloys added such as copper to 9ct help retain a hardness to the ring, an advantage when engraving and preserving line definition.

18ct Yellow Gold

18ct gold yellow gold has a bright yellow warm tone almost buttery, slightly softer alloy than 9ct due to the gold content, this makes 18ct the advisory limit in gold rings. Reason for this is that gold in its purist form 24ct is a relatively soft alloy and as a ring would show significant wear over time.

Wedding Rings – Hallmarking and Purity

Gold purity is enforced by regulated hallmarks within the UK. When we advertise a 9ct (375) or 18ct (750) gold ring we are specifying the purity of the precious metal that exists within the wedding ring that you are purchasing. This applies to any yellow, white, or rose gold wedding ring that Tarvier has on sale.
Gold marked 9ct (375) which is represented as 9 parts out of 24 or 375 parts out of 1000. The gold purity is devised as 37.5% pure.
Gold marked 18ct (750) which is represented as 18 parts out of 24 or 750 parts out of 1000. The gold purity is devised as 75% pure.


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