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Antique Sterling Silver Sauce Boats
Argyles & Tureens

Originating from France during the latter part of the 17th century the silver sauce boat or gravy boat traditionally came with sauce ladles and drip trays. Typically, of plain design with gadrooned perimeters or rococo style with chased shell and scroll work. Georgian sets are rare, heavy gauge silver sauce boats desirable, a lovely accompaniment to the dining room table.

Sterling Silver Argyle

The silver Argyle or Argyll is a gravy warmer that was credited to the Duke of Argyll, John Campbell (1723-1806) Invented after the gravy became lukewarm at the dining table. The idea was to add a separate internal capped chamber within a pot, filled with hot water or a hot iron to help maintain heat to the outer chamber which contained gravy or sauce. The spout connection was positioned at the bottom of the Argyll due to gravy at the time having a high fat content. The gravy fats would congeal at the top of the pot allowing the looser gravy liquid to pour from the bottom. Scottish examples are rare and sort after.


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