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Wedding Rings – 9ct Yellow Gold

Tarvier presents a collection of wedding rings in 9ct yellow gold.
Our range of yellow gold UK hallmarked 375 (9ct) wedding rings are offered in a broad selection of sizes, widths, and weights.

The Court wedding ring profile is a suitable ring profile for ladies and men.
A court ring profile is the most traditional ring profile with a curvature to both the inside and outside of the ring and flattened side edges. It is important to note that if the inside of the ring is curved, the ring should feel more comfortable to wear. In addition, as the profile is also curved on the outside, when other fingers move against the ring, there will be little resistance, ultimately adding to the comfort of the court ring profile.

The D–Shape wedding ring profile is a suitable ring profile for ladies and men.
D–Shape ring profile is exactly as described. Flat to the inside of the ring, curved to the outer face of the ring with flattened side edges. A lighter profile than the court, but with a similar look when on the finger due to the curved outer face. The d–shape profile is traditional and popular ring profile.

The flat wedding ring profile is suitable for both ladies and men.
A flat ring profile is rectangular in shape. Flat to both the inside and outside face of the ring with flattened side edges. This is a contemporary and modern-day look with straight lines and edges. The profile is a good option when its necessary to match an engagement rings band height. Varying weights can be chosen to increase this band height accordingly. If larger ring widths are chosen then a heavier look will be achieved on the finger.

A contemporary look with added comfort.
An easy fit ring profile has a flat outer face and a curved internal face with flattened side edges. This ring profile combines the contemporary and modern look of the flat profile with the comfort of the court profile. Extra wide rings will have added comfort. A great choice.

In small diameters this ring is suitable for ladies.
Halo ring profile is circular in form and is marginally flattened at the point of contact with the finger. Tarvier recommends this ring profile when a small diameter is required, a large diameter will project the ring too high off the finger.

9ct Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

9ct rose gold consists of 37.5% pure gold with 62.5% other alloys (375/1000 parts gold). Other alloys are added to create strength, hardness, and colour. The percentage of alloys added determines the final carat of the gold alloy. The purity mark is recognised, tested and marked officially by the assay office. An assay mark 375 is shown on the ring images on our website. If your budget is sufficient, then Tarvier recommends choosing the purest alloy 18ct, however, either ring will be a rare and treasured possession.

British Hallmarked Wedding Rings

All our 9ct (375) yellow gold wedding rings are assayed by either London or Birmingham assay offices with a compulsory set of UK hallmarks.


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